The Ultimate Laser Tag Experience

Be among the first to experience Ultimate Laser Tag at Hinkle Fun Center’s new urban cyber themed Helios Laser Tag Experience! Features include: Multi Colored Glowing LED Light-up Vests, Phasers with Green Laser Beams, a total of 16 Interactive Targets and a Newly Themed Arena with a Futuristic Cyber Quest Atmosphere. There is potential for many different Games to Play and a State of the Art Sound System all designed with a Masterful Center Prop that has Interactive Game Play and Lighting Effects. Interactive Base Marshalls participate in Game Play and there are Viewing Cameras throughout the Arena.

Up to 30 Players Compete at one time! Player’s Vests and Phazers are Taggable all in a Haze-filled 4500 square foot Black Light Arena with Amazing Lighting Effects and Pulsing Music!!


Mission: $8.59 per person


Players must be able to carry a 5 pound vest. Shoes required.

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This attraction is included in our Ultimate Play Pass!

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