Hinkle Fun Center has two game rooms, the Fun Center Game Room and Prize Center and the Laser Tag Game Room and Prize Center. The game rooms feature over 125 redemption, merchandise and video games. Games require anywhere from 18-38 credits per play. Just another way to spend less, play more and win more!

Hinkle Fun Center’s redemption games let you earn points that can be redeemed for prizes at our Prize Centers. Our Prize Centers features many exciting prizes such as candy, bouncy balls, collectible memorabilia, stuffed animals of all shapes and sizes, watches, sports memorabilia, the latest trends in electronics, stereos … something for every age!

The game rooms at Hinkle play with Fun Card credits. Credits may be purchased starting at 20 credits for a $1.00. Our Fun Card pricing is designed so that the more credits you purchase, the more bonus credits you receive. That means you can Spend Less and Play MORE!

Ready for all new Hinkle VR FUN? Bringing¬†Star¬†Wars VR Fun to you in VRsenal’s stand-alone immersive virtual reality arcade experience for up to four players open now in the Laser Tag Building!!

We accept credit, debit or contactless payments. We do not accept cash. Absolutely no outside food or drink allowed.

Our newest prizes available in our Prize Centers!

Dive into the excitement of our newest Instagram channel hfcprizecenter, where we showcase the thrilling array of new prizes awaiting winners in our awesome Game Rooms & Prize Centers! Prize selection subject to availability.

Spend Less, Win More in our Game Rooms




$1.00 20 Credits $1.00
$30.00 750 Credits $37.50
$55.00 1500 Credits $75.00
$80.00 2250 Credits $112.50
$105.00 3200 Credits $160.00

New Game Cards are $1.00. Game Cards cannot be split.

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